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Fits ALL Z3's from 1996 - 2002!

Fast 2-3 day delivery with tracking!

No messy glue, this window zips in!

The #1 Selling Premium Rubber Bead Window!

BMW Z3 Rear Window

BMW Z3 Rear Window Replacement

Is your BMW Z3 rear window discolored, cracked, scratched or has the rubber trim fallen off? Do you love your Z3 but worry about how much time and money it will cost to fix? Don’t worry, you don’t need a new top! Fortunately for you and your Z3, BMW uses rear windows with a zipper slider system making the replacement an easy do it yourself job. The old window is simply unzipped and removed and then the new replacement window is zipped in.

Replacement Z3 Window Features

Rubber Bead Trim

This Z3 window has a premium rubber bead trim that looks just like the BMW factory original!

No Messy Glue!

We use double sided tape for the seal so that you don’t have to mess around with glue. Other poorly made windows may come with a tube of glue.

Simple Installation

BMW Z3 windows use a zipper slider system, making the replacement a simple task.

High Quality

Just like your car, this window is manufactured in Germany with great precision and care. This window is a laser cut and machine stitched using the highest quality materials.

Fits All Z3’s

This replacement window fits ALL 1996-2002 BMW Z3’s including the M roadster.

Ships in 24 Hours with Tracking

All Z3 rear window orders ship in 24 hours from Charleston, SC with USPS Priority Mail. Expected delivery is 2-3 days. Tracking # will be provided.

Z3 Window Trim Comparision

Don’t settle for cheap knock off fabric trim!

Premium Rubber Trim

This is the window you will receive! Your replacement z3 window comes with a high-quality premium rubber bead that looks just like the original BMW window.

Rubber Bead Trim

Cheap Fabric Trim

This is an example of a poor quality window with a fabric trim. This cheaply made window looks bad and usually has water leak problems due to poor design.

Fabric Trim

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